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The journal considers  papers never published  in other periodicals before.

Each of the scientific papers is to be accompanied by  author summary in English; References are to be written in Latin letters.

All the Members of the Editorial Board  followed the commonly accepted ethics of publishing  a scientific paper. The Edition guarantees impossibility of  cases  of  malpractice.

The summary includes:

–  paper title;

– all the information of  the author (surname, name, patronymic, Academic degree, Academic rank, Educational Institution, Department, post, address, mobile, e-mail)

– all the information about  bibliographic reference registration, a list of references used  (combination of  English and transliterated parts of Russian references).  More extensive information of References presentation can be read in the Section “THE REQUIREMENTS TO SUBMITTED MANUSCRIPTS”.



The date of  paper receiving is fixed by the Editorial Board.

All the manuscripts submitted to the Edition are preliminary examined by the Editor-in-chief  with their  further diverting to the Members of the Editorial Board  or experts specializing in  corresponding  scientific fields for  review process.

Results of the review process are organized in the form of  conclusions about the scientific validity of  manuscript publication, and then directed to the  Editor-in-chief  in  writing. If  reviews are positive the Editorial Board  of the journal makes a decision to include the paper in the list of  materials published.

If  reviews are negative the paper is to be additionally examined by experts and reviewers and if necessary is directed back to the author for its revision.

Final decision about paper publication is made by the Editor-in-chief. Information about the date of publication and  issue is sent to the author by e-mail.

Decision about paper publication is made within  20 days period of time since the day of  paper registration in the Edition of the journal.

The  Edition of the journal hopes that authors will strictly meet the requirements of manuscript submission and try to rigorously  avoid mistakes and incorrectness in their papers otherwise the ones containing  the mentioned requirements violation will not be registered and further considered.

The payment for  paper publication is agreed.

The schedule of issue releases within a year:

April 15, June 30; October 15; December 31.

Manuscripts are received not later than 6 weeks before the journal publication.


The journal observes the scientific publications ethics and “International Editorial Conventions” (“International Editorial Conventions”). The Editorial Board guarantees the impossibility of malpractice.



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