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The Editorial Board of the journal agrees with Elsevier publishing house policy on observation of publication ethics principles. The Board absolutely rejects plagiarism or other unethical actions, and does not publish the manuscripts incompatible with the standards of ethics. The observation of publication ethics principles is the basis of the Editorial Board activity at all the stages of received paper consideration: in preliminary reviewing, in the course of review process, editing and final decision of publishing made by the Editor-in-chief who is responsible for this.

As the examples connected with publication ethics violation the Editorial Board sometimes deals with, the following facts could be represented: the author copies a certain fragment of another author’s work without mentioning this; or a considerable fragment of the author’s previously published work is repeated in a new manuscript; or the author’s work is represented in another author’s paper as his (her) own one; or disputes on authorship sometimes arise.

In the case of ethical nature complaints concerning the submitted manuscript or published

paper the Editor-in-chief takes all the necessary measures in every particular case.


1. All the persons made the significant contribution to the process of preparing a manuscript shall be recognized as coauthors. If a particular person took part in preparing a certain fragment of manuscript a special acknowledgement shall be expressed.

2. All the sources cited in manuscript shall be mentioned.

3. Author is to guarantee the original character of his (her) manuscripts and the absence of this very work in the contents of other journals, and besides the manuscript is not being considered by the other publishing houses at the moment.

4.  Author is obliged to inform the “Electrotechnic and Computer Systems” Editorial Board of any errors found in his (her) manuscript.

5. Author is to prepare his (her) manuscript in full and strict compliance with all the requirements of the journal.


1. Reviewing helps the Head of the Editorial Board to make a particular decision on the reasonability of article publication. In some cases it could help the author to improve his (her) work contents. Each of the manuscripts reviewed shall be considered as a confidential document. It cannot be represented to other persons or discussed with them except for those authorized by the Editor-in-chief.

2. Reviewers shall only pay attention to the relevance of manuscript contents to the problems described.

3. Reviewers shall acknowledge all the information related to manuscript a confidential one.

4. Reviewers should be objective. Personal impacts on the author of reviewers’ side are absolutely unacceptable. Reviewer shall express his (her) point of view clearly and reasonably.

5. Reviewers are obliged to inform the Editor-in-chief of any fact which can be a reason of rejection to manuscript publication. If the author has not made a reference to some previously published work a reviewer shall surely inform the Editorial Board.

6. Reviewers being incompetent in a specific scientific research and knowing that the urgent review cannot be made shall inform the Editor-in-chief about the fact.

7. Reviewers shall inform the “Electrotechnic and Computer Systems” Editorial Board about the arisen conflict of interests.


1. The Editorial Board considers all the information concerning the submitted manuscripts to be confidential.

2. The Editorial Board only evaluates manuscripts according to their scientific and intellectual contents despite of race, gender, religion, ethnic origin, citizenship or political opinions of authors.

3. The Editorial Board is fully responsible for decisions related to the submitted manuscript publication.

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