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All the manuscripts of scientific papers submitted to the Editorial Board preliminary undergo the so-called anonymous review: they are viewed by the Editor-in-chief and two Members of the Editorial Board specializing in the fields the paper deals with.
Review may be written in any form, but it has to cover the following points:
1) Compliance to journal subjects.
2) Analysis of new scientific results.
3) Logical validation of paper conclusions.
4) General impression made by the article.
5) Readership interested in paper contents.
6) Mistakes or incorrectness found in paper.
7) Reviewer’s opinion concerning the paper recommendation for publication:
If a reviewer recommends the paper for publication he (she) is to indicate the variant of future paper: the one first submitted by the author to the Editorial Board, the corrected one in which the reviewer’s remarks have been taken into account, after paper editing, etc.
The commonly admittable practice for the Editorial Board of the journal is as follows: if some mistakes or incorrectness were found in the course of reviewing the paper the author is to change all the disputable and questionable points indicated by the reviewer and submit a new variant of the paper where he should accurately distinguish the corrected places.

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