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Dear Authors!

Publishing your papers in the journal “Electrotechnic and Computer Systems” can significantly grow your citation index and publication activity indicator in the International Database  the journal “Electrotechnic and Computer Systems” has been included in.Read more.

The International Database processes papers automatically that is why authors should meet all the mandatory requirements presented by Scientometrics Systems and Scientific Information Retrieval Systems.



Authors submitting their papers to the journal should agree with the following points:

1. Authors have the right to authorship of their papers and give the right of its first publication to the journal along with the right after a certain period of time [6 months] on publishing to distribute the paper under the conditions of Creative Commons Attribution License which allows others to freely distribute the published paper with the obligatory reference to the authors of origin published by the journal.

2. Authors have the right to conclude a separate agreements on non-exclusive distribution of their papers in the form it was published by the journal (for example, to store the paper in electronic archive of establishment or to publish it as a part of their monograph), but with the obligatorily reference to the origin published by the journal.

3. The Editorial Board permits and even encourages authors to post the paper manuscripts on the Internet (e.g. in the University storage or personal site) both before its submission to the Edition and in the course of its reviewing as this ensures effective scientific discussion and is a positive fact for the growth of paper citation index (see The Effect of Open Access).



Information of the authors (names and addresses specified by authors) is entirely used for the purposes of contacts between the authors and reviewers (editors) in the course of paper preparing for publication. The Edition guarantees that information will not be used for other goals.

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