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ISSN Print 2221-3937
ISSN Online 2221-3805
Latest issue of №16 (92), 2014.
Out of the 16th issue of the scientific and technical magazine "ELECTROTECHNIC AND COMPUTER SYSTEMS"

The results of scientist’s researches in a field of modern automatic electromechanical systems analysis and development, electromechanical converters and electric apparatus, mechatronics and computer systems and components, informational intelligence systems, computer networks and defense of information are published in the journal.

The journal reflects mathematic modeling and optimization of electrotechnical and electromechanic systems, ways of electric drives control allowing to saving energy, modern systems of power supply. Besides that, the materials about automatic control systems, systems of artificial intelligence and information protection are published in the journal.

The journal is designed for engineers and scientists that take part in researches, designing and exploitation of electrotechnical and computer systems and their components, and also for corresponding specialty teachers and students of high school.

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