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Tkachev Viktor V.

Doctor of Technical Sciences (the highest research degree), Professor,


Head of Department of automation of production processes National Mining University (Dnipro)

Additional Information

Tkachev VV born August 26, 1940 he graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute in 1967 with a degree in "Automation and Remote Control". Was assigned to the department of automation of production processes DGI as an engineer researcher. Since 1968 Assistant of the Department of APP. In 1972 he defended his thesis, since 1976. Associate Professor of APP. Since 1988 Head of the Department of APP. In 1995 he defended his doctoral thesis on "Methods and models of decentralized process control of mining production", in 1996 g.prisvoeno title of professor of APP.
The direction of research related to the creation of new computer control systems, providing increased performance and security equipment of the mining processes. Under the leadership of Vladimir Tkachev developed and implemented in the coal mines of Ukraine and potash mines of the Urals computer control system of conveyor lines. In 2009, V. Tkachev was awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology "Stvorennya that osvoєnnya serіynogo virobnitstva visokoproduktivnih vugledobuvnih kompleksіv new pokolіnnya."
He is the author of over 250 scientific articles, 20 copyright certificates of the USSR, 4 patents of Ukraine. Published in two co-authored a textbook, 5 manuals, including 2 in collaboration with professors from Germany and Poland, published 4 books.



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