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To measure the dynamic characteristics of an induction motor, such as the angular velocity, the phase current of the stator winding, the phase voltagedependence in time, the STM32F4 microcontroller firmware was used, such as the capture-comparison mode of the built-in timer channels and the analog to digital converter in the multichannel scanning mode. The algorithm for adjusting the microcontroller timer for signals capture and adjusting the built-in analog-to-digital converter for performing analog values ​​such as current and voltage is presented. The developed software for collecting measured data from various channels is described and considered in this article. The scheme of connections of the necessary equipment for carrying out the experiment is presented. The angular velocity, stator current and asynchronous motor voltage data arrays obtained from the STM32F4 microcontroller are presented. The analysis of the obtained results in the form of diagrams of transient processes is presented. The friction torque of an asynchronous electric motor is calculated from experimental data and analytically by using a linear working section of the mechanical characteristic of an induction motor. The obtained values ​​of the friction moment were analyzed here.The rectified signal converting algorithm from the voltage sensor into a sinusoidal signal for further use is developed and implemented. The ratios for calculating and analyzing the asynchronous friction moment calculated by different paths are given. The experimental data arrays obtained from the STM32F4 microcontroller are presented in the form of Microsoft Excel charts. The calculation results of the moment of friction were summarized and presented in the form of a comparative table.


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