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The paper deals with the control problem developed in the E.O.Paton Institute for Electric Welding by a new method of pulsed arc welding process, which uses the principle of dosed feeding of electrode wire on the basis of information on the varying parameters of arc combustion. The electrode wire is supplied by a high-speed computerized electric drive using a specially designed valve motor of an optimized design.

      Recently developed a new method of arc welding with pulse feed of an electrode wire is a metered feed, which is carried out using current or voltage feedbacks of the arc process. In this case, the control pulse is formed according to the selected (set) two levels of current or voltage and is processed by a computer control system.

       However, when implementing the control of the welding process with dosed feeding of electrode wire and some other processes of arc mechanized and automatic welding and surfacing, problems arise for further improving the speed of the electric drive.

       In this paper, it is proposed to use a method of predictive control of arc welding with a dosed by the parameter of the arc process by feeding the electrode wire to improve the performance of the controlled electric drive of the feed mechanism.

     The oscillograms of the welding process - surfacing with the identification of specific (characteristic) sections of current and voltage changes, the possibility of their linearization for selecting control parameters for the electric drive controller of the feed mechanism are considered.

    A variant of the regulator structure for the electrode wire feeding system of the mechanized welding equipment is determined using feedback signals on the parameters of the arc process.

     Comparative oscillograms of the speed of impulse movement of electrode wire, as well as weld beads for different variants of construction of the regulator of the electric drive are given. The positive effect of the new regulator on the characteristics of the arc process is noted.

       The work contains references to a number of works on the basis of which the developments described in the article are fulfilled.

DOI 10.15276/eltecs.28.104.2018.09
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