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A new direct method was proposed for parameters calculation of two-element symmetrisation Steinmetz triangle scheme. This method does not use decomposition to symmetrical components and is based only on the first and second Kirchhoff's laws, is more simple and straightforward. Only active load was considered, taking into account, that reactive part of the load always could be compensated by additional reactive elements, connected parallel to load. It is emphasized, based on the results obtained, about the peculiarity of this scheme, consisting in the fact, that correct scheme operation with symmetrisation effect is achieved only at respective connection of the reactive elements, in accordance with direction of voltage vectors of supply system rotation. Only at this condition it is provided the balancing effect at active load. Using direct method the characteristics of equivalent star configuration of this scheme are also investigated. Values of voltages and currents in the circuit elements for equivalent star connection are calculated, which ensure symmetrisation effect at active load. It was demonstrated, that load voltage for equivalent star connection is three times larger, than for the triangle variant. Besides, the voltage of the neutral point of equivalent star is rather high and is twice bigger, than phase voltage. Based on the results obtained, a vector diagram of the voltages and currents of the equivalent star elements is constructed, illustrating the specific features of equivalent star configuration in comparison with the triangle scheme. It is shown, that this circuit can be used simultaneously as transformerless voltage multiplier.

DOI 10.15276/eltecs.28.104.2018.04
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