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We've considered the common dynamic methods of the firmware execution time testing. The authors proposed the method for the construction of the means for firmware execution time testing. This method based on the uVision Socket Interface API that give us the possibility to control the integrated development environment Keil uVision from external applications. As a result, we have the full control of the firmware executing and testing process, without using additional firmware or hardware.

Upon the obtained research results, one may conclude that using the proposed method for construction of the means for firmware testing would allow us to:

– eliminate development process of the communication protocol between embedded system in debug mode and application for testing, which will reduce the total development time of the application for testing the embedded systems.

– to increase the accuracy of the obtained results due to the fact that measurements are conducted on real hardware;

The performed investigations showed that proposed method for the construction of the means for firmware testing can be used during constructing the application for functional and non functional testing. Experimentally proved that the proposed algorithm could be used for execution time testing. The investigations into the relative measurement error has proved that the error is constant and depended for the performance of PC, and speed of data exchanging between PC application and embedded system. The value of the measurement error could be calculated in a easy way, and compensate it. This allows you to get a high degree of accuracy in measuring of the firmware execution time, that is critical for hard real-time embedded systems.

DOI 10.15276/eltecs.27.103.2018.24


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