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The emergence and widespread application of semiconductor devices for controlling electrical installations and devices, electric motors and various technological processes exacerbated the problem of ensuring the quality of electric power of the power supply network. This led to the generation and oscillation of reactive power, the appearance of a variable composition of higher harmonics of current. Devices for compensating reactive load power and filters higher harmonics of current are not able to satisfy modern requirements of nonlinear loads, which are guided by semiconductor devices.These requirements are capable of executing devicesactive power filters.Active power filter used for compensation reactive power and filtering higher harmonic current at the non-linear loads. Methods of the active power filter control are based on the current understanding of the power components. Various theories determine the inactive components of the power can be implemented to determine the target current of the active power filter, among which theory applies full power S. Fryze. At the same time, a heavy part of the quality of the device is generally the current control process. Based on the analysis of well-known works found that parameters of a closed current loop control active power filter are determined by the load mode, which varies. Thus, there is a need to adjust the controller parameters. During preliminary experiments established that fuzzy logic may be used to control the correction coefficients. A fuzzy controller with the corresponding order conversion ratios regulator. The package of visual programming developed a model of the proposed system. The effectiveness of the proposed solutions was confirmed by comparing the waveform power system components for two variants: with fixed control parameters and the fuzzy controller.Also, a spectral diagram of a network current for one phase was obtained during the operation of a active power filter. As a result of the findings by the rationality of the proposed solutions.


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