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One of the most urgent issues of domestic power engineering is the problem of a shortage of maneuverable generating capacity in the united energy system.Therefore, the problem of equalizing the load schedules of the power system appears which is very relevant today. Consumers of electric power, mining enterprise in connection with the specifics of their activities, have uneven nature of demand for electric power. In connection with an increase in the uneven schedule of electrical loads of the grid, power companies are forced to change tariff rates to stimulate consumers. In the mining enterprise, as a load-regulator for power systems, it is expedient to use a dewatering system that is characterized by significant power and free cyclic timing. The purpose of this work is to reduce the cost on the electric energy for the dewatering pump station by adjusting the hydraulic capacity of the equipment and determining the optimal mode of operation.The main parameters are determined that influence to operation of pump stations for the mine horizon. A comparison was made of the daily cost on the electric energy for a dewatering pump station in case of a change in the value of the inflow of water relative to the supply of the pump, as well as an increase in the volume of reservoir. Also, a simulation of the change in the hydraulic capacity of the equipment was conducted, with a shift of the period between the start of the maximum. As a result of modeling it is determined that due to insufficient power of the pump the increase of the volume of reservoir will not save money. The shift of the start of filling in reservoir relative to changed water flow leads to the amount of payment for electricity.

DOI 10.15276/eltecs.27.103.2018.15

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