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Calculation method of power transformer`s short-circuit parameters is presented by mathematical modeling by means software structure FEMM on the example of geometrical model three-
phase power transformer, with capacity 1600 kVA, voltage index 35 kV. Transformer`s short-circuit parameters calculation has been carried out at the basis of electromagnetic field mathematical model in vector magnetic potential formulations by polynomial regression means. It has been defined the influence of electrotechnical steel nonlinear properties in magnetic system at magnetic field energy and at transformers short-circuit parameters. It has been received the dependence of short-circuit parameters from phase tension values for corresponding voltage control stages. Reliability and accuracy of calculations have been proved
by the comparative analysis with a classical technique data and experimental test data in short-circuit mode. It has been shown that by means of mathematical modeling application in software structure FEMM has allowed to increase calculation accuracy of short-circuit parameters at 3-4%.
DOI 10.15276/eltecs.26.102.2017.13
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