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In the process of implementing auto-synchronous control of electromagnetic stepper motors, it is important to analyze the effect of different control parameters on the basic coordinates of functioning of the electromagnetic stepper motor on the acceleration / steady motion mode and the effect of various types of commutations in the braking mode. In this paper, for those purposes, a quantitative analysis of the basic control parameters, such as type of commutation, Initial commutation gap, the value of the operating voltage, the value of the boosted voltage and the duration of boosting. As a result of quantitative analysis, it is possible to rank the influence of the basic control parameter on the coordinate of electromagnetic stepper motors operated in acceleration / steady motion mode. And using the imitative modeling approaches performed the ranking of the influence of various types of commutation on the braking mode of electromagnetic stepping motors
DOI 10.15276/eltecs.26.102.2017.12
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