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The article is devoted to the study of existing systems for registration, accounting, remote tracking of large-size cargo. The expensive hardware and software is a significant deterrent to the wide-spread implementation of such systems. The purpose of the study is the devising of similar but economical algorithm for a budgetary version of a automatized system based on devices with limited computing capabili-ties. In the developed algorithm the Sobel filter is used. The algorithm is supplemented with the function of preventing the registration by system of stationary non-moving objects. Devised system doesn’t lose its abili-ties and data relevance in the absence of access to global resources (GPS-coordinates, Internet). The system is presented as a client-server application with a mobile interface for the user. The client part can installed to mobile device which collects data from outdoor Wi-Fi cameras or digital/video cameras embedded into drone or gadget. Also the article considers the process of setting up a personal server using a horizontal scaling (sharding) of the database to reduce the load on the server. Some practical aspects of the develop-ment of the system were considered, in particular, software at the remoted server, the functionality of the mobile application. The developed system was tested for the requirements of accounting for sea containers on board. If necessary, it is possible to supplement and expand the existing functions of the created automa-tized system.
DOI 10.15276/eltecs.26.102.2017.7
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