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The software module for realization of interactive test system for determination person’s psy-chophysiological state, assesment to reproductive thinking abilitiy and their development was developed. The given module was realized using Microsoft Visual Studio development environment and tools of C# pro-gramming language. Proposed software can be used for professional psychophysical selection of persons for the special kind of works, examination of different condition influence on human mental functions, training of capability to reproductive thinking etc. It allows to arise the effectiveness and work realibility in unsafety work conditions, to decrease the specialist education term by special kind of works, trainingt wastage, stuff turnover and industrial injuring. Developed system offers the more comfortable way carrying out the testing of psychophysical state, which is available on the modern systems both in the labs and home facilities and, connected to computational work. The subject of paper is the psychophysiology tests and testing methods. The task is to develop the software product, which is the system of computer testing of human and determines of it reproductive thinking level. The feature of professional psychophysiological selection, in contrast of selection on medical indications, physical preparation and social data etc., is not only increasing of effectiveness and reliability of work in the nonsafety work conditions, but decreasing of training term of the given work, reduction of dropout during further work on the selected specialty, reduction of turnover of employees, reduction of industrial traumatism etc.
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