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The effectiveness of the NI Multisim software environment in the study of microprocessors is examined to improve the perception of the material being taught, to increase the interest in the taught discipline in improving the quality of education in the face of a reduction in the number of classrooms. The innovative educational-methodical complex developed with the help of NI Multisim is presented. The educational-methodical complex includes presentations to the lecture course, demonstration programs with comments and diagrams, demonstrating the operation of the microcontroller on practical examples. It is suggested to use NI Multisim for semester and modular tests. Examples of schemes for laboratory work on discipline and complex laboratory work on related subjects are given, which can be used in presentations to lectures on related disciplines, as well as on practical exercises in solving problems. The expediency of using NI Multisim in independent study of lecture material in combination with the manual for discipline, illustrated with examples of schemes and programs, is shown with the purpose of increasing the practical component of studying the discipline and the possibility to simulate the schemes or programs studied or developed independently in time free from compulsory studies. Since the use of Multisim in the training process contributes to improving the quality of education and the development of the necessary professional and information competencies, it is recommended that it be used to develop a distance learning course.

DOI 10.15276/eltecs.25.101.2017.56
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