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An improved method for the synthesis of active screening magnetic field systemsof high voltage power lineswithin a given region of space with power-driven magnetic field sources.The initial parameters for the synthesis of active screening system parameters are the location of the high voltage power lines with respect to the protected transmission line space, geometry and number of cables, operating currents, as well as the size of the protected space and normative value magnetic field induction, which should be achieved as a result of screening. The objective of the synthesis of the active screening system is to determine their number, configuration, spatial arrangement, wiring diagrams and compensation cables currents, setting algorithm of the control systems as well as the resulting value of the induction magnetic field at the points of the protected space. Synthesis of active screening system is reduced to the problem of multiobjective nonlinear programming with constraints in which calculation of the objective functions and constraints are carried out on the basis of Biot – Savart law. The problem is solved by a stochastic multi-agent optimization multiswarm particles, which can significantly reduce the time to solve it. The results of the synthesis of the active screening system of the magnetic field oft high voltage power lines with single circuit vertical arrangement of conductors with a single compensating coil. The possibility of reducing the initial induction of the magnetic field inside of house space to sanitary norms.

DOI 10.15276/eltecs.25.101.2017.48

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