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The article describes the application of the main component method for estimating the contribution of the hourly electrical load to the configuration of the daily schedule of electrical loads of power market objects.The results of the article can be used to determine the tariff zones of electric load graphs that affect the overall result of the analysis of energy market objects.To do this, it is suggested to avoid evaluating experts, to take into account as much as possible the number of indicators influencing the decision-making and apply the data obtained from the systems of automated metering of power consumption. As a mathematical tool for the analysis of the GEN, the method of principal components can be used as a composite factor analysis.The main component method reveals k component factors that explain the entire variance and correlation of the output k random variables; While the components are constructed in decreasing order of the fraction, which explains them, the total variance of the output quantities, allows us to often confine ourselves to a few first components.To study trends in the energy consumption regime of energy market objects, it is necessary to identify the dominant electrical loads from the GEN and also to determine the cause-effect relationships between them.Some of these loads can be common and it is advisable to combine them into one main component.This will reduce the amount of statistical data that will include the bulk of electrical loads and determine the structure of the GEN - peak time, half-peak and electrical load failure. The least influential components of the GEN that do not enter the main part do not contribute to the correlation relationship between the symptoms.

DOI 10.15276/eltecs.25.101.2017.24
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