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Based on the Arduino Due platform and electric pump U4814, a physical model has been developed to study the energy efficiency of the dry dock pumping station. It allowed to obtain the optimal control law for the supply voltage of the electric pump while maintaining its constancy and among piecewise linear time functions due to the numerical solution of the boundary value problem. A comparative analysis of competing managements confirmed the feasibility of using an adjustable electric drive. If, with a constant supply voltage, an optimal transient is performed, when the set liquid level is reached at the specified time with minimal energy consumption, the optimal piece-linear diagram of the pump motor supply voltage variation at the same time of the transient process provides a gain in the amount of energy consumed above 10% .

Mathematical optimal operation modes modeling of the real dock pumping station main pumps predicts a lower saving value than the value obtained on the physical model, which is due to the use on the model of an electropump with a relatively small nominal The power of a long steady-state operating mode.
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