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Discusses the variety of mathematical modeling of electromagnetic field power supply systems for specific industrial and dorwning to them consumers, which is their working tool. Such models in different extent based on the physics of electric power processes in these systems and used in the study of normal modes of the above-mentioned processes. The advantage over conventionally mathematical model, which is widely used in the practice of power, is really-a mathematical model based on the foundations of modern quantum physics when creating the electromagnetic field of the power system, meets the basic requirements of the theoretical foundations of electrical engineering and vastly improved understanding in business dealings power system – the electricity consumer. The essence of such  electrical engineering and vastly improved understanding in business dealings power system – the electricity consumer. The essence of such modeling is the quantization of elastic molecules electrically to the system environment, in which they distorted the amount of physical vacuum (matter) mark with two mutually perpendicular dipoles created by the action of voltage and conduction current conducting parts of the system that is modeled.

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