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The results of the impact study ways to control the switch to electricity conversion quality valve engine. Quality energy conversion brushless estimated parameters of current, voltage and power. It is shown that an increase in engine load factors shape, amplitude and harmonic ratios tend to values characteristic sinusoidal current. For engineering calculations when assessing the quality indicative of power conversion valve motor current can sufficiently identify with the main and first few harmonics. The indicators characterizing the shape of the voltage curve of the engine and its harmonic components, are difficult depending on how functional the drive and advance angles, switching and stock. Quality deteriorate with increasing voltage angles and advancing stock. For real corners and mode switching control to maintain a constant angle stock at a minimum, quality voltage and power brushless correspond best indicator variable-frequency drive with induction motors. The article shows that as well as indicators voltage power conversion rates are much higher for the process control to maintain a constant angle stock at a minimum, to maintain than the angle of sustainable value. Calculations show that in the case of the control method to maintain a constant angle stock at a minimum loss in valve engine from the higher harmonic components are small and can be reduced by increasing the inductance smoothing choke.

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