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This paper presents voltage source inverter for induction heating applications, which is characterized by the power control based on of fixed-frequency. Induction heating is an important enabling technology.Induction heating technology is nowadays the heating technology of choice in many  applications due to its advantages regarding efficiency, fast heating, safety  and accurate control. The output power stage of the proposed converter consists of a single-phase voltage inverter using four IGBTs. Thepower control is achieved by varying the shape of thevoltage up applied to the resonant circuit. This power control strategy allows the inverter to work close to the resonance frequency for all output-power levels. The control principles of the pro-posed method are described in detail and its validity is verified through simulated results. The inverter system is designed and the simulation is done using Matlab. The simulation results of are presented.The process of load power stabilization is demonstrated when both active and full load resistance changes.The output current has a sinusoidal form, the harmonic distortion factor of which is less than 2%.With this circuit, an important improvement of the inverter efficiency is expected at high-frequency working conditions.

DOI 10.15276/eltecs.25.101.2017.16
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