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Subject of research - linear pulse electromechanical transducer (LPET), operating as an accelerator and shock-power devices. Subject – study of the influence of parameters on the external screen LPET. The research method - simultaneous measurement of high-speed electrical and mechanical processes in LPET. The aim of the article is a multi-criteria evaluation of the effect of outdoor screen parameters on the efficiency of the LPET induction type. A mathematical model of a induction type LPET. The mathematical model describes the interconnected electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical processes, manifested by rapid movement of the armature relative to the inductor. It was found the influence of magnetic, electromagnetic and combined magnetic-electromagnetic outer screen on LPET indicators. It has been shown that relatively light electromagnetic shield reduces efficiency LPET, while the relatively heavy magnetic shield increases it. The magnetic stray field is reduced, and the efficiency increases when moving away from the screen electromagnetic inductor, and with increasing thickness of the magnetic shield walls. To evaluate the effect of external display settings used the criterion of effectiveness, considering its relative values of efficiency, weight, and stray fields. It has been shown that the combined magnetic-electromagnetic screen allows you to significantly increase the efficiency LPET, primarily by reducing the stray magnetic field compared to magnetic or electromagnetic screens. Experimental and theoretical studies are consistent with each other, up to 6 %, showed that the magnetic screen with four radial slits increases the average speed of the armature 50 %.

DOI 10.15276/eltecs.25.101.2017.13
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