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For more accurately the angular speed  determining of an induction motor, the features of the STM32F4 microcontroller, such as the capture-comparison mode of the built-in timer channels, was used. The results of measurements using the L-Card device were compared and analyzed, with the data obtained by the microcontroller STM32F4.The tuning algorithm of STM32F4 microcontroller timer capture-compare mode for measurement implementation is given in this article. The induction motor AIR56A4U3 nameplate data are given here.  The calculated ratios of the modernized method for determining the angular velocity of the engine by using the STM32F4 features are given, and an algorithm for its measurement is described. The measurements of encoder pulse signal period by means of electronic oscilloscope DS5022M are given in this article. The results of angular velocity measurements by means of L-Card and STM32F4 microcontroller are given in a form of tables. The induction motor angular speed measurement deviations are considered here. Corresponding encoder pulse signal oscillogram is given here.  The developed software for data acquisition and visualization in the form of a transient speed characteristic is considered here. The results of STM32F4 microcontroller measurements are given in a form of angular speed transient process diagram are given in this article. 
DOI 10.15276/eltecs.25.101.2017.11
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