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The design of electromechanical systems upon application of fractional order controllers significantly enhances possibilities in comparison with the classic controllers. In order to find efficient alternative models for implementing fractional order controllers there has been conducted a research into their dynamic properties on the basis of  Riemann, Riemann-Liouville and Grunwald-Letnikov representations.  When considering electromechanical systems with fractional controllers that generate control actions for different electrical machines, the major problem to be solved is the work of such controllers in real time and with the high speed dynamic processes. Given well-developed implementation of integer order controllers in both analog and digital performance, the problem of synthesized fractional order controllers technical implementation in such systems can be solved on condition of making equivalent substitution (approximation) of their transfer functions into integer order transfer functions. Implementation of integral and differential parts of fractional order PIλDμ – controllers has been carried out on the basis of Oustaloup transformation, which provides significantly higher performance and simplicityof the procedure when compared with computational models, based on Riemann, Riemann-Liouville and Grunwald-Letnikov representations. Computer research of algorithm and implementation program of differential and integral fractional order parts has proven the effectiveness of the proposed approach to implementation of  fractional order controllers that can operate in real time within highly dynamic electromechanical systems. Testing of  frequency converter option of MFC 710 fractional order PIλDμ - controller in the speed control system by using the set of Twerd company has proven its effectiveness in terms of expanding regulatory properties of such controller in comparison with traditional PID - controller.

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