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In hoisting mechanisms equipped with VFD-fed three-phase squirrel-cage induction motor (SQIM), slow response of the drive during starting is observed; such delay in response negatively impacts the operator. This paper presents an explanation of the reasons of the delay in the motor torque growth at starting based on experimental results and analysis. The effect of inertness, determined by the electromagnetic time-constant of the motor rotor is analyzed. In literature, the evaluation of the electromagnetic time-constant of the SCIM rotor is limited to 6-pole motor. However, in this paper, simplified analytical relationships, linking the rotor electromagnetic time-constant of a SQIM with the motor power and number of poles (for p=4-10), are obtained on experimental basis. A comparison of VFD starting with a preliminary magnetized/demagnetized motor is performed; a significant decrease in the delay growth of the motor torque with preliminary magnetization is shown. Based on the implementation of the functions of modern VFDs, the process of smooth backlash taking-up in the kinematic transmission for slewing mechanism of a portal crane is presented.
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