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The article discusses the possibility and feasibility of Multisim circuit simulation environment in educational disciplines of the through informational learning - using the same software in different disciplines - students directions "Electrical mechanics" and "Electrical techniс". Availability in libraries Multisim instrumentation, appearance and performance close to the peers, more than 16,000 electronic components and assemblies allows you to create complex patterns of electronic devices, and the ability to change parameters of circuit components without stopping the process of modeling, easy to replace, and add new components, a wide a set of analysis tools help develop in students the necessary professional competence and information. The presence in the program of special tools, such as creating the tests, makes an irreplaceable Multisim for use in the learning process, allowing students who start their way in the field of electrical engineering and electrical engineering, it is much faster to send the theoretical knowledge into practice. Simulation of electrical circuits in the display device of the university classroom or at home and visualization of the results in the form of waveforms, graphics performance, testimony virtual instruments contributes to a better understanding of the principles of functioning of the actual control circuits and control of production process. Experiments on models complement and extend the actual physical experiments, as they allow to implement emergency modes, unacceptable for the navigation device testing, slow down or speed up the development of electromagnetic processes in electrical devices that helps to more deeply grasp their essence.
DOI 10.15276/eltecs.24.100.2017.20
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