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The formalization of comparison's operations for 1-bondary intervals ON THE TEMPORAL CHARACTERISTICS OF OBJECTS UNDER UNCERTAINTY

There are objects, which are described only one temporal characteristic. Most often, it is the objects whose lifetime has not completed yet. In cases of comparing temporal characteristics of the objects, that have only one temporal characteristic, using conventional operations, or operations as described for the temporal characteristic is inaccurate or incorrect results. In this paper, formalized the operation compare temporal characteristics of objects,   described under uncertainty, which have a one temporal characteristic: either the temporal characteristic of beginning or end. The article presents types of descriptions of temporal characteristics of objects, and the types of 1- boundary intervals. Presents variants  of comparison process, described as 1-boundary intervals. The comparison operations are described on the basis of a comparison of different types of 1-boundary intervals and types of their descriptions. The paper shows which of the operations comparing temporal characteristics of objects, can be used for objects that are described with the help of only one temporal characteristic. In this paper, comparison operations have been formalized for the 1- boundary intervals, which allows to obtain the correct results of the comparison, in the cases of comparison 1-boundary intervals with each other or with the usual temporal characteristics of objects. In addition, the comparison operation for 1-boundary intervals in the future will allow to describe more complicated operations on the temporal characteristics of objects, namely, the search operation, ordering and grouping.

DOI 10.15276/eltecs.24.100.2017.16

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