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Now wave processes in lines with the distributed parameters are considered well studied. Particularly it is known that the maximum value of efficiency of the line without loss reaches in so-called mode of approved loading when loading resistance is equal to wave resistance of the line. However, all two-wire and three-wire cables of communication represent system of lines with distributed parameters in which separate conductors are connected with each other by magnetic and galvanic communications. In such cables dependence of coefficient of useful action from loading resistance remains not researched. In this article, on the basis of mathematical model formed by authors, it is comprehensively investigated that influence of active and reactive components of loading resistance on efficiency of the cable having two conductors with general screen. It is shown that with communications the efficiency is influenced by both components of loading resistance. The maximum value of efficiency is reached in case of net active loading, however its increase is also possible in case of reactive   resistance. At the same time it is shown that the efficiency is influenced only by balance between own wave resistance and loading resistance of connected lines system. The secondary wave resistance caused by an interconnection doesn't influence on efficiency. It is found that connected lines system has smaller sensitivity for changing of loading resistance in comparison with the line without communications. This fact shows that practical application of the connected lines transmission of electrical energy allows providing high values of efficiency in wide spectrum of changing of loading resistance.
DOI 10.15276/eltecs.24.100.2017.11

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