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The results of power transformers calculation researches which ways of energy efficiency and resource efficiency increase is application of such innovative technical solutions as using of modern conduction materials combination at cryogenic temperature (the liquid nitrogen boiling temperature) and optimization of the transformed electric energy parameters. The analysis of technical and economic effectiveness of application in the distribution transformer windings with various conduction materials combination was made on the basis of its generalized design mathematical model. This mathematical model was adapted to the number of transformer windings circles, to a type of conduction materials, and its components were presented as the pozinomials functions. It allows to organize effective structural and parametrical optimization of the transformer with windings from various conduction materials of the successive displacement method. The possibility of windings circles from traditional conduction materials (copper and aluminium) with high-temperature superconductivity windings circles combinations at the working frequencies of 50 and 300 Hz was considered. The 400 kVA three-phase power transformers with flat three-rod magnetic systems made of brand M120-23S thick 0,23 mm electrotechnical steel with the cylindrical layered winding were chosen for design researches. The considered variants of windings materials combinations were optimized by the total capitalized cost criterion. 

DOI 10.15276/eltecs.24.100.2017.09
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