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In this work, contemplates a method of improving the energy characteristics of the container gantry crane.Well known, that effect of braking or lowering  is accompanied by entering electric motors in regenerator mode. As result, possible overvoltage and subsequent crash of the on-board equipment. For overvoltage protection during developing stage were provided protector resistors, which  convert excess energy  into heat.

The research was made on gantry cranes on pneumowheel Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane.According to research operation modes it was  found that in the protector resistors were  utilized up to 39% energy, which was used before. Received information allows to define a proposal how to store and reuse energy that earlier would be just convert into heat. Our suggest is adding the electric converter recuperator and block of supercapacitors, which accumulate energy when the engine enter in generator mode, and then return in bus. It can be implement in the existing system with minimal changes.

Presents estimates the economic efficiency of two variants of realizations our solution with different capacities value. Limiting the level accumulated energy at  half of the maximum possible recuperated power leads to losses of about 10% of the recuperated power, but this prices are reduced by half, the payback period of the order of ~ 2 years.

It is shown that to improve the energy characteristics of container cranes and similar mechanisms expedient recuperator installation.

DOI 10.15276/eltecs.24.100.2017.02
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