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The authors analyzed the current rules and regulations on civil and national education in Ukraineand monitored of the level of students' national and patriotic consciousness. The importance of the influence of extracurricular activities on the formation of the individual citizen is highly stressed in the paper. The system of national-Patriotic education is based on the idea of multi-agent and multi-vector system for the development of Ukrainian statehood as a consolidating factor in the development of Ukrainian society and the Ukrainian political nation. The conclusion about the importance of the impact of the level of extracurricular activities on the formation of the individual citizen is made. It is established that a significant place in the content of civil-Patriotic education of students is occupied by the creation of a culture of behavior, environmental, legal, physical, artistic-aesthetic culture. The concept, which defines a new strategy of focused and effective process of education of the subject of civil society is proposed.

DOI 10.15276/eltecs.23.99.2016.28

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