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Theoccupational safety and health management makes part of the management system, whichever institution or industry concerned, regardless of ownership and activity type. The article deals with the process of occupational safety management through the occupational safety and health projects implementation. The project management application in occupational safety and health management domain is justified with the use of international project management standards and ILO recommendations. Suggested is to analyze the labor protection level by five basic categories of contributing factors: labor conditions factors, work organization factors, environmental factors, psycho-emotional status of the enterprise’s employees and the functional status of the employees’ bodily health, These contributing factors’ groups influence the accident occurrence and progress, that allows a logical conclusion about the need for the occupational safety project. The conclusions of the occupational safely level are drawn by groups of the said factors using Ishikawa diagrams.
DOI 10.15276/eltecs.23.99.2016.26
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