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This paper presents the preparation of a mathematical model of passive dynamic vibration absorber with additional mechanical structure. It identified three types of nonlinear dynamic characteristics, realizing dampers, and their expressions reflected the interpolation polynomial of best approximation. Studies to determine the inelastic dissipation of forces that determines the irreversible dissipation of energy in the environment. This value is determined by the dimensionless absorption coefficient and provides its data for the principal components of the synthesized absorbers. On the basis of these data, for a more accurate display of forces of inelastic dissipation calculations conducted practical function of resistance dampers, their connection, depending on the dynamic characteristics of the nonlinearity. The developed mathematical model can be used for any passive dynamic damper on the condition that its dynamic response given by a polynomial, and the expectation of the absorption coefficient is set taking into account the composition of the mechanical structure of the device.

DOI 10.15276/eltecs.23.99.2016.24

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