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This paper presents a method of automatic parallel car parking. The first part describes the principles of vehicle movements. Еrajectories of front and back axleы are presented, as well as the difference between turning of a car forward and backwards. The second part describes the developed algorithm. Position of the vehicle is determined using readouts of six proximity sensors and mathematical calculations. Two kinds of parking are considered. The first one is a maneuver in which the vehicle moves only backwards on the reverse gear. The trajectory of the car and its mathematical description is provided. The second maneuver allows the car multiple change of the direction of movement and is applied when there is not enough of space for performing the first one. The starting position of the vehicle is determined by simulating the reverse maneuver, that is to say, going out of the parking spot. Amount of space required for parking is calculated differently for each maneuver. The last part of the paper consist of a description of 3-D animation of the system.
DOI 10.15276/eltecs.23.99.2016.21
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