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The paper describes developed by authors system of automatic control of floating dock draft based on fuzzy logic. The authors analyzed the main characteristics and features of the floating dock as a complex control object with nonlinear and nonstationary parameters and developed the functional structure of the floating dock draft automatic control system. The synthesis and optimization procedures of the traditional and Mamdani-type draft fuzzy PD-controllers of the floating dock draft automatic control system are presented. Considerable attention is given to the optimization procedures the following triangular linguistic termsmembership functions for the input and output variables of the Mamdani-type draft fuzzy PD-controller based on the gradient descend method and desired transients. The simulation of the floating dock draft automatic control system operation with optimized traditional and Mamdani-type fuzzy draft PD-controllers is performed
DOI 10.15276/eltecs.23.99.2016.18
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