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A structureof a multifunctional hardware-software system for sensing and control of remote objects in the household and in the industry are considered. A version of data transferring between control center and controlled object using GPRS service is proposed. The monitoring and control are realized by a set of remote stations which control the objects and receive parameters from them,.  Every station has a microcontroller and GSM-GPRS modem with SIM card. The stations are linked to the switching server by a telecommunication provider. Data received from remote stations, which control the objects, are kept in the server. The server distributes information and sends control commands. PCs of the control center are connected in a local network. They receive data from WEB sites and send commands to the switching server.

Two examples of application systems such as the one are proposed above. The characteristics of two realized systems for remote monitoring and control, a tester connected to the microcontroller of the remote station and a model of automatic weather station, are described

DOI 10.15276/eltecs.23.99.2016.09
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