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For in-depth analysis of bladed wind turbine designed universal optimization model interaction adjustable blades (wing) with the air flow, applicable to a wide range of constructive and regime parameters. The model reflects the mechanism for converting the kinetic energy of the flow into a rotational movement of the turbine, assuming a superposition of action of the applied forces, and determines appropriate volumes taken from the flow of energy (power). Transformation of the kinetic energy of the flow into a rotational movement by means of the wind turbine mounted on a vertical shaft (axis) and provided with a blade mounted on the shaft (axis), which is located on the axis of symmetry of the blade. the blade has its own drive shaft, the blade carries out a reversal to regulate its interaction with the flow. The amount of energy, extracted from interacting with the blade of air flow, is applied to the forces on the blades of the moving blade. Similarly, is carried out cyclic power flow calculation. The results of this work in the long term make it possible to analyze the optimization model of the blade interaction with the air stream and to determine the kinematics of the blade, providing maximum removal of flow energy.

DOI 10.15276/eltecs.23.99.2016.05

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