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Methods of increasing the efficiency of practical curriculum and the competency in the applied field sector of students studying to become IT specialists are inspected. Organizing student outsourcing within technical universities will allow to identify new mechanisms of cooperation and initiate new forms of partnerships between universities and commercial structures. Two possible models of student outsourcing are discussed: “Company to University” and “University to Company”. The “Company to University” model of student outsourcing is based on a mechanism of improving the preparation of IT specialists, that incorporates support of the educational process from IT companies by creating additional academic and applied training of the students, which proves to be rather effective. On the other hand the “University to Company” model of student outsourcing assumes implementation of IT projects by the university for companies that require IT services, and grants the opportunity to apply, in a real-world setting, the “engineering” approach to implement specific projects: from formulation of the task by the costumer and determination of the specific requirements of the project to full implementation and hand off. The aforementioned organizational models of student outsourcing at ONPU that have been considered, have demonstrated the viability if the educational and applied competency of IT specialists to be is increased. Their hands on involvement in the endeavours of the universities will allow the students to obtain the much-required practical skills in an academic setting and painlessly find their first job. While the universities will gain the ability to form stable research teams in their respective departments and focus on real and relevant projects when organizing the curriculum. And the companies will obtain the ability to recruit well qualified IT specialists that are well specialized in their field.


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