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A method for locating faulty subcircuits electronic devices, which is based on the decomposition principle.

The aim of the research is to develop methods of diagnosing, providing, on the one hand the maximum completeness of the resulting estimates of diagnosis, on the other hand - a diagnostic experiment directly in the operation of the electronic device.

The object of research is the method of localization of faulty electronic schemes, aimed at solving problems diagnostics.

The subject of research are the processes of diagnostic electronic control devices of wide application.

Practical result - a method of localizing a faulty electronic circuits, allowing analytically without using field experiment, to determine the fault of the electronic circuit, by checking some, taken a priori, hypotheses.

It is shown that by checking in a certain way formed hypotheses about the state of the component parts of electronic devices (essence ― analysis of their characteristics), we can distinguish the faulty subcircuit. Proven effective localization method in the diagnosis of electronic devices.

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