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For decision the problem of reducing the hydro- aerodynamics resistance of of elements transportation systems (ETS) is necessary modern means of technical diagnostics, allowing to eliminate incompleteness and uncertainty of information hydrodynamic flows in ETS complex shape. Suggested system of designing ETS, which considers in them structure of hydrodynamic flows contains three main blocks: receiving of visual data about the structure of hydrodynamic flows, their intellectual analysis and making project decision about the construction ETS with considering of new significant information about the structure of hydrodynamic flows. The visual data about the state of hydrodynamic flows are images of artificial surfaces of distribution intensity (color), which definitely characterize field of gradients velocity (pressure) hydrodynamic flows in physical prototype of ETS. The dynamical artificial surface of distribution gradients of (pressures) hydrodynamic flows obtained by conducting of physical modeling with using of method visualization of discrete structures flow. Based on fractal methods of images processing techniques are analyzed laminar and turbulent hydrodynamic flows. Calculated fractal dimensions of images of hydrodynamic flows techniques of classic and modified Box Counting, a comparative analysis of the results. Empirical distributions were built of local fractal dimensions and fractal cestrum. A software product was developed that allows evaluating the fractal dimension of the distribution of local and building of local fractal dimensions. It should be noted that the modified algorithm BOX COUNTING should be used for determining of fractal dimension of tracking changes boundaries of objects, but the construction of fractal distributions based on it does not make sense.
Further studies show that receiving of significant information about structure (distribution of parameters) hydrodynamic flows allow to automate process of designing ETS complex shape such as collectors, turns, tees, sudden expansions or contractions and so on and reduce their hydraulic resistances from 10 to 40% and thus reduce the energy consumptions during operation of transporting liquids or gases.
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