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The classification of methods and means of video information registration based on purpose and methods of various tasks solution for production and for scientific researches is considered. The following generalizing classification of methods and means of video information registration is proposed:
• with different frequency of frame refreshes (registration of quick and stretched in time processes)
• with different scale
• in different conditions and environments
• under special lighting and in different ranges of optical radiation
• specialized analytical measuring.
Methods and means of video information registration in the classification use a variety of procedures for processing of obtained electrical signals, which are presented as subsystems of obtained data analysis of varying complexity.
The sequence of signal processing operations in the video registration systems is considered and the structure of video registration system is proposed which includes: the optical block of channel, the block of light filters, the block of transformation of light optical signals into electrical signals, the block of processing of registered parameters, the output interface, video signal generation block, the block of visualization of registered information field.


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