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The output voltage of the rectifier units DC traction substations is characterized by constant and pulsatile component of harmonics over a wide frequency range. These harmonics cause additional losses of electric energy in the traction network, degrade EMC traction network of electric rolling stock, as well as a source of disturbing noise that can cause unstable operation of devices of railway signaling, interlocking, interlock, automation, remote control and communications, track circuits.

The results of the analysis of dynamic processes of combined serial-type active filter with a voltage feedback load that is applied to improve the quality of electricity in the output DC traction substations. To analyze the dynamic properties of the combined active filter series type considered it a block diagram. In the proposed scheme, the filter compensation ripple at the expense of making the circuit-level passive compensation voltage generated feedback channel automatic control system. Analyzing the equation for determining the ripple voltage across the load, it was concluded that the increase in loop gain reduces the pulsating component of the load, as well as its increase leads to a decrease in the time constant of the filter and the damping coefficient, thereby increasing oscillation of the combined filter, i.e. it worsens speaker. The analysis of the frequency dependence is shown that the frequency properties of the active filter was essentially depend on the type of the load.

Thus, the combined active filter series type of feedback voltage load achieved the required level of EMC Traction Network with adjacent electrical installations, primarily reduced impact of traction current on the track circuits in traction power supply systems of direct current without a significant complication and appreciation of the filtration system of the traction substation. Study the process of the combined filter proposed scheme indicate the feasibility of its use as a filter aid in traction power supply systems, DC.


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