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The mathematical model of difficult system of power supply which settlement scheme consists of branches of the generator, system and the general branch with a resistance on which current of short circuit from all sources proceeds is offered. Modeling is executed on the full differential equations (to the equations of Park - Goreva for synchronous cars), written down in system of the coordinates of d, q rotating with a generator rotor speed to system. Representation of elements of the studied system in uniform system of coordinates of d, q allowed to get rid of the variable coefficients necessary for transition from one system to another, and also analytically to express values of components of tension in the general knot. These features considerably increase stability of the numerical decision of system of differential equations that is especially important when modeling strong indignations in system which in particular sudden short circuits are. Model is used for mass engineering calculations of current of three-phase short for any timepoint and allocation from a curve of the representing vector of current of periodic and aperiodic components.
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