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The required quality of the electricity in autonomous electric grids is provided by increasing the number of phases of semiconductor converters based on transformers with the rotating magnetic field for converting a number of phases. The comparative analysis of mass, cost and аctive power losses indications of electromagnetic systems of radial flux and axial flux variants with rectangular and trapezoidal yokes transformers with the rotating magnetic field is considered by using the method of the relative indications of the technical level with relative geometric controlled variables. The uneven distribution of the magnetic flux along the core radius is taken into account in developing mathematical models of axial flux transformers. The using of transformers with axial active part is proved, based on results of the research and the requirement to maximize a payload of a transport. It is shown that acceptable technical and economic parameters of axial transformers are advisable to use the trapezoidal geometry yokes, which compensate a reduction in the flux with decreasing a diameter.

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