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To date, many permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM)have been developed with a variety of concentrated stator windings with different performance characteristics and their own advantages and disadvantages. In article [1] it was said that machines in which only 6of 12poles are wound can offersignificant performance advantage compared to machines in which all 12 poles are wound. The purpose of work is to conduct a comparative analysis of the characteristics of PMSM with 6 and 12coil winding, calculated by means of the finite element method in the software package JMAG-Designer in a two-dimensional formulation of the problem to verify the results obtained in [1]. During the work, the field mathematical model of PMSM motor drive has been developed which allows to calculate performance and dynamic characteristics of PMSM. The results of the calculation of electromagnetic torque revealed that with the same phase current, the average torque of PMSM with 6 coils is 2% higher than of the   PMSM with 12 coils, which confirms the results of [1]. The results of the calculation of dynamic and mechanical characteristics showed that the power of PMSM with 6 coils less than power of 12-coil PMSM because of the greater flux linkage and phase inductance of 6-coil motor, which does not confirm that the 6-coil PMSM can provide significantly better characteristics compared with the 12-coil PMSM.


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