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The task of backup of electric drives occurs when designing, implementing or upgrading of electric drives of industrial machinery or equipment, technological process which places high demands on reliability and continuity of their operation. Examples of such mechanisms can be found in the metallurgical, chemical, mining and other industries, where even a temporary loss of working capacity of the electric drive separate mechanism can lead to huge economic losses to production, to the environment or to human victims.
The article considers the issues of practical implementation of redundancy schemes when creating of industrial electric drives for various purposes.
In the first part of the article describes the backup system single-engine, twin-engine and multi-engine DC variable speed drives, providing increased reliability and uninterrupted operation of the relevant industrial mechanism or complex: steering gear powerful converter, the mechanism of movement of the bucket wheel excavator, a mechanism for moving the lances converter multimotor electric drive is a powerful continuous cold rolling mill.
The second part of the article is devoted to solving the practical backup modern controlled AC drives, built by the scheme I-IM.
This part describes the backup system single-engine, twin-engine and multiengine AC drives of industrial machinery and systems, as responsible scrap charging and steel foundry cranes shops, exhaust gas cleaning systems and other industrial enterprises and so on.
Particular attention is paid to the redundancy scheme controlled AC electric drives for use in the composition of electric drive modular frequency converters of high power.
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