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Article is devoted to the development and implementation of the modernized multimotors electromechanical system complex flying saw electric welding machine. The complex mechanisms flying saw electric welding machine is designed to separate into parts of a given length obtained on the machine moving pipe.

The complex flying saw includes the following main mechanisms: the mechanism of movement of the carriage;

 mechanism of rotation of the saw blade; a mechanism for moving the saw blade; coupling mechanism driving carriage with a pipe. Carrier mechanism - the carriage is driven by an electric motor controlled spur gear and rack gear, the rotation of the saw blade is made of non-controlled induction motor and mechanisms move the saw blade and the coupling mechanism equipped with electrohydraulic drives.

New adjustable drives the carriage performed by the system FC-IM, used to drive a special asynchronous motor main motion a series of PH8 company Siemens, it is powered and controlled by a frequency converter with a digital microprocessor-controlled weeds series Sinamics S120 from Siemens.

To create a programmable automated system used cutting dimensional computational capabilities of the programmable controller general speed operation of the unit applied Series controller Simatic S7-300, Siemens.

The cycle of operation of the carriage consists of the following segments: parking carriage in the starting position in the interval between cuts (pause); acceleration of the carriage up to the speed of the pipe; compound of the carriage with the pipe via the coupler mechanism; cut the pipe saw blade at the joint motion coupled pipes and carriage; tripping pipe and carriage after cutting; вraking and stopping the carriage; carriage return to the initial position: acceleration to maximum speed of reverse movement direction, the motion-set at this speed and deceleration with a maximum speed with accurate stopping in the initial position..

During cyclic operation of automatic control system of the electric carriage was rebuilt several times, changing the basic adjustable parameter: the speed of the motor, position, the moment.

Described in the article how the system-dimensional cut in the process of setting up a system to ensure the required accuracy dimensional cutting pipes on the machine and successfully put into operation.


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