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The purpose of the work is to improve the quality of control of a synchronous motor with permanent magnets in a parametric and coordinate disturbances. Laws control a synchronous motor is designed based on the concept of the inverse problem of dynamics, combined with minimization of functional local instantaneous values ​​of energy. The method is based on the idea of ​​reversibility of Lyapunov's direct method for studying the stability that allows you to find control laws, under which a closed loop is deliberately given a Lyapunov function. As a Lyapunov function performs the instantaneous energy. A characteristic feature of optimization are not achieving an absolute minimum of the functional quality as in classical systems, and a minimum value, which provides the technical requirements for the allowable time error of the system. It provides a dynamic decomposition of the interconnected system to independent local control loops, and low sensitivity to changes in the parameters of the drive. Easy to implement control laws conditioned by the lack of differentiation.


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